A greeting from the mayor

Tivadar Puskás, Dr

Dear Visitor,

I welcome you to the official website of Szombathely as the mayor of the only city in the Carpathian Basin which has been continuously inhabited for 2000 years.

We, the citizens of Szombathely are proud of our rich history, the famous sons of our city and of our high-level cultural life. One of the most significant trade routes of Europe, the Amber Road was stretching here, and this is the place where the founder of our city, Emperor Claudius let the veterans of the Roman Legion settle down. The Iseum of Szombathely was the third largest Isis shrine in Europe. The most well-known saint of Europe, St. Martin was born in Szombathely. The Saint Martin Pilgrimage Route which starts from Szombathely was built in 21st century.

Apart from the Roman relics we also have rich religious heritage: the cathedral of Szombathely is the third largest cathedral of the country. The diversity of Szombathely is proven by the fact that the city is a centre of the intellectual, cultural and sports life of the region.

Dear visitor,

Browsing through the several thousand pages of our website, you will find a lot of interesting and useful information to guide you. The tourist sights of Szombathely, the vast array of current events, the information on electronic administration easing the everyday life of the citizens, photos documenting the major events of our economic, cultural and sports life, the contact data of NGOs, companies and enterprises can be easily found by those who visit us.

On the new website we aim to involve local citizens and those who love our city into the smaller details of our everyday life. I hope that the new interface will provide everybody with useful and practical solutions.

I wish you informative and pleasant browsing!

For further information please write to the following e-mail address:adrienn.nemeth@szombathely.hu


Tivadar Puskás, Dr.
Mayor of Szombathely


Kiemelt rendezvények: Savaria Történelmi Karnevál

Helyszín: Szombathely, Belváros, Szombathely, Aréna utca 8.
Időpont: 2019 Augusztus 22. (Csütörtök) 20:00

Volt egyszer egy... Hollywood (Mozi)

AGORA - Savaria Filmszínház, Szombathely, Mártírok tere 1.
2019 Augusztus 21. (Szerda) 17:40

Még több Mozi ...
A DAL a Miénk! Álljon össze a város legnagyobb zenekara! (Zene/Koncert)

Szombathely, Fő tér - Rendezvénytér, Szombathely,
2019 Szeptember 14. (Szombat) 16:00

Még több Zene/Koncert ...
A kis kedvencek titkos élete 2 2D (mb) (6) (Mozi)

Cinema City, Savaria Plaza, Szombathely, Körmendi út 52-54
2019 Augusztus 21. (Szerda) 10:00

Még több Mozi ...
Az oroszlánkirály 2D (mb) (6) (Mozi)

Cinema City, Savaria Plaza, Szombathely, Körmendi út 52-54
2019 Augusztus 21. (Szerda) 10:30

Még több Mozi ...

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